Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Not Born, Hatched - Angelspit Music Video Contest Entry

Watching TV in the 1990's was a big influence on me in my life, and this video.
This video is like watching late night TV, and flipping through static and distorted analogue airwaves.In a way this video makes a statement about visual production, and how individuals decipher messages differently.
The station broadcasts not only live images from the band, but a journey through the life of a hatched creature, and visions of the destructive ways of mankind.

This was a month-long video project, that I spent over 80 hours on my free time, working on. I really wish I had a better camera, for a lot of the pre-recorded stuff, that I made for this video. If given the time, and effort, I could have made anything from a high production music video, with a set and cast, to something awesome, like a tour video log.

The rules and description of the contest, just seemed like they called for something with this recipe.

Right now I'm working on a time elapse video of the insane snow-fall my area of the United States, is getting. I should have that video up in a few days.