Monday, March 23, 2015

ENDERS - Metatron Bounce

  This is my submission to The 2015 Untz Challenge VI 

 This song is a culmination of multiple creative ventures from the visual artwork to the gathering of each sound, combined with the short vocal samples, used. This melody was stuck in my head, so I whistled into a Microphone and used Live to create it. The lead and bass instruments are made from very basic audio wavs, carefully crafted into instruments through various forms of synthesis, be it analogue or VST sound design. All of the creative elements have been combined to create this very unique original production, much like all of my music. Through my music I am following my dream, to spread emotions and reach out to people, as these social connections are the meaning of life to me, and what I live for. Thank you for listening. More to come, as always!

 Check out ENDERS on The Untz:

 Original Artwork by Zachary Bohm