Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cyberpunk Community Soundtrack 2015 (feat. ENDERS)

Cyberpunk Community Soundtrack no.05 - 2015 (including music from ENDERS)

    Once again I am pleased to announce that 3 unreleased ENDERS songs have been released and featured on this years Cyberpunk Community Soundtrack
Like last year's release, these 3 ENDERS songs have never before been available until now, on this compilation!  

    Titled after the previous associated yearly releases, the "Cyberpunk Community Soundtrack no.5 (2015)" features a stellar collection of cyberpunk style music and similar themed sub-genres (electro, synthwave, industrial, glitch, darkwave, power noise, and more!). This years compilation features 59 tracks, for your enjoyment, from various talented artists 3 of which are originals from ENDERS.
ENDERS - Urban Scum (buy/listen here)
ENDERS - Ecape from 2077 (listen here)
ENDERS - Substr8 Red (listen here)

The 2015 OST focuses on cyberpunk inspired retro-futuristic soundscapes for gaming/hacking/soundtracks or just plain listening pleasure.

OUT NOW for free: