Friday, May 13, 2016

ENDERS - Dark & Grimy LP OUT NOW

ENDERS  'Dark & Grimy' album released May 13th 2016

ENDERS 'Dark & Grimy' OUT NOW (May 13th 2016)
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    Having debuted 'Rite Of Reign' world wide in April and with the contribution of ‘Urban Scum’ on the Cyberpunk Community OST 2015 Vol.5 album, ENDERS is taking this opportunity to release the full length Dark & Grimy Album to the world.Expect to hear classic ENDERS-esque melodies and harsh super saw basslines of the highest originality and quality that you've come to know from ENDERS across previous productions.Cutting-edge cyberpunk producer ENDERS is responsible for bringing you some of the most spaced-out IDM/Electronica tracks of the cyberpunk world.

Dark & Grimy is also available (in part on Soundcloud for your streaming enjoyment: