Friday, January 13, 2017

City Heat Presents FIRE XI: Chinese New Year Celebassion

ENDERS, B Lowd, PVPABEAR & Allryze

Friday, Jan 20th, 2017 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM CST
2248 W Glen Ave, Peoria, Illinois 61614
     The 11th FIRE event at City Heat has been announced and is coming up fast! In preperation for the Chinese New Year we have a special lineup of highly talented electronic musicians and DJ's for your pre-new year entertainment. Performing live with original Peoria Illinois Electronic Music ENDERS is bringing the art and entertainment once again to City Heat with friends B Löwd, PVPABEAR and Allryze...



ENDERS is an autonomous electronic music machine created by a prolific cyberpunk from the American Midwest. This music is for those who have grown up among the ruins of a physical society and have embraced the dark digital world breeding in the underbelly.

B Löwd

Ben produces all-original masterpieces from all different categories and genres. With wonky dubs to trappy snares to spacey vibes, and glitchy flares, Ben is able to appeal to all electronic music fans and take them on an experience of a lifetime.


Bringing original grimey electronic music and showing that Midwest love to all of the world.


"Chances are you've seen PVPABEAR on a Central IL lineup near you in the last 2 years as he's been a staple DJ for almost any kind of current underground sound imaginable (except big room house of course). When you're looking for a mobile, versatile, and outstanding (no pun intended) Traktor DJ, look no further than the ever-changing arsenal of trippy wobble that is PVPABEAR."

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Electronic Music Chinese New Year Party Peoria Illinois
(Flyer art by Carl Cline)