Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Night Of The Synths (ENDERS VR Killer Album Release Show)

ENDERS, Hippie Squishers, Kaboom Fantastik & COUTOUX

Friday, Feb 24th, 2017 8:00 PM - 2:00 AM CST
2702 W Farmington Rd, Peoria, Illinois 61604
     Join us as we bring LIVE original electronic music to Peoria Illinois to celebrate the release of ENDERS newest album release 'VR KILLER' out on digital retialers world wide on February 27th with a wild Neon Night of all original synth-heavy music for the first installment Night Of The Synths (brought to you in part by the Neon Nights Network) coming to the RAIL II in Peoria, Illinois Friday Febuary 24th!



ENDERS is an autonomous electronic music machine created by a prolific cyberpunk from the future. ENDERS produces dark avant-garde synthesizer heavy music for those who have grown up among the ruins of a physical society and have embraced the dark digital world breeding in the underbelly.
Night Of The Synths V1.0 will feature Live original music from ENDERS upcoming album release titled 'VR Killer'!!!
Expect wild high energy electro and darksynth music that will make you move (maybe even MOSH if you can handle it)!


Hippie Squishers

▲ The Past ▲ The Present ▲ The Future ▲ 

Performing live improv sets that will grind your face off!


Kaboom Fantastik

Kaboom Fantastik
If a master alien space craft from the future crash landed in 10,000 B.C. and had its sound system taken over by a tribe of cavemen, the event would only be described as Kaboom Fantastik. Its not easy to teach your self an instrument (and how to gel with other musicians), work full time, raise three dogs, play shows, and still find time to rage it; but members of Kaboom Fantastik Richie Heifli and Keefer Gotschalk do just that.



Mathias Coutoux is a Graphic Designer and DJ inspired by the punks of music history. Révolté is his multifaceted outlet of fashion, music, and art. 


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Electronic Music Synthwave Peoria Illinois
Night Of The Synths
(Flyer art by Carl Cline)